Oregon and Washington coordinate inspections to nab HOS violators

A large-scale truck inspection blitz in Oregon led to more than 25% of commercial drivers checked being put out of service for hours-of-service violations, according to the Oregon Dept. of Transportation.

The state screened trucks at three locations along Interstate 5, the main north-south route through the state. The state DOT put 256 truckers out of service for violations ODOT spokesman David House told the Statesman Journal.

House said large-scale truck inspection blitzes occur every few months and typically result in about 20% of drivers being taken out of service. This most recent inspection yielded more violations, he said, because Oregon coordinated its truck enforcement efforts with those in Washington.
“We were coordinating information and better able to identify suspected fatigued drivers,” House said. For example, if a driver was inspected in Washington and then showed up at an inspection site in Oregon too soon, officials at the inspection site would know whether the driver was in violation of HOS regs because the truck arrived at the Oregon site earlier than it should have.

“We’re keeping them honest, keeping them safe.”


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