Service reviews accidents, recalculates CSA scores

Accidents judged non-preventable removed from safety scoring

PHILADELPHIA.  The safety data mining provider Vigillo LLC has announced a new service that will employee law enforcement officials to review truck accident data to determine whether a recorded event was preventable.  If they find that it was non-preventable, Vigillo will recalculate the fleet’s Federal CSA score removing that accident.

Widely criticized as unfair and an inaccurate indicator of fleet safety, the Federal CSA score includes all accidents and does not distinguish between preventable and non-preventable incidents.

Announced at the American Trucking Assns.’ annual management conference, the new service called Just will officially launch early next year, according to Steven Bryan, Vigillo CEO.  “CSA unduly penalizes carriers, ,not just for their non-compliance, but for the limitations of the CSA scoring system itself,” he said at a press event. “Just will correct the fundamental flaws of CSA.”

Although the official Federal score will remain unchanged by the review, Bryan said fleets could use the recalculated one with shippers, insurers and others who currently rely on CSA to judge carrier safety.

Each review will be carried out by two current or former law enforcement officers engaged by Vigillo. In addition to official accident records, fleets will be able to submit supplementary documents such as photographs, in-cab videos and witness testimony. Both reviewers will have to agree that an incident was non-preventable before the company recalculates a fleet’s CSA. If the decision is split, a third reviewer will be brought in to make the decisive vote, Bryan said.

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