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Shedding new light on night driving and roadside inspections

Instructional Technologies, Inc. (Pro-TREAD) recently announced the availability of three new Pro-TREAD lessons: two developed to help drivers deal with the extra challenges of nighttime driving and one covering the ins and outs of commercial vehicle roadside inspections.

Three times more crashes happen at night than during the day, according to the company, and December and January are the darkest months of the year. Still, many truck drivers choose to drive at night because traffic is lighter than during the day. These night driving tips are specifically intended to help drivers deal with the body’s natural desire to sleep at night, as well as with night vision issues.

The new, 25-minute interactive training program on commercial vehicle roadside inspections answers many questions about the inspection process as well as offering drivers pointers on often-overlooked things, (such as taking off your seatbelt before the inspector arrives ---don’t do it)  The lesson also includes:

  • Why Roadside Inspections
  • The Seven Levels of Inspection
  • Preparing for Roadside Inspections
  • During the Inspection
  • Following a Roadside Inspection
  • Out-of-Service Criteria
  • Out-of-Service Criteria for Vehicles
  • CVSA Out-of-Service Penalties
  • Other Consequences
  • CSA
  • PSP (pre-employment screening)
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