Spill kit for on-the-go fluid cleanups

New Pig has introduced a spill kit in a truck-mounted container. The kit easily mounts on a truck or trailer to help drivers be prepared for leaks and spills that can occur during transportation.  

Available for universal, oil-only and HazMat applications the spill kit is pre-packed with enough PIG Absorbents to absorb up to 14.8 gals. of fluids, helping transporters comply with the need to take prompt actions to contain spills. 

In addition, the kit contains PIG Repair Putty, a containment pool, a shovel and basic PPE to further assist with spill-containment efforts. 

The heavy-duty polyethylene container protects the kit’s contents from harsh weather and UV rays. 

Slots on the base of the kit allow fast, easy mounting to vehicles and other flat surfaces, noted New Pig.


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