Truck driver helps Oregon motorist to safety after Hwy. 22 mishap

A McMinnville, OR, woman who within a split second went from enjoying the scenery along Highway 22 scenery to nearly plummeting down a 100-ft. embankment is grateful for the help of a passing trucker who rescued her and kept her car from plunging further down the cliff.

Connie L. Weygandt, 62, was traveling north of Grand Ronde when her Volkswagen Bug swayed over the narrow westbound shoulder before stopping in a precarious position, wedged into the gravel atop the steep embankment. The car’s left-rear tire was off the ground, according to a report in the Statesman Journal.

Luckily, a passing log-truck driver came upon the scene and was able to fasten a cable to Weygandt’s Volkswagen, securing it in place and allowing her to exit the vehicle safely. A local tow truck subsequently arrived and pulled the car back onto the highway, the Oregon State Police reported.

Weygandt told officers at the scene she was looking at the scenery when the mishap occurred. No injuries were reported, and police did not reveal the name of the truck driver. Weygandt was able to drive her car from the scene.

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