Truck hit by deer tossed from Interstate overpass

A truck driver said a deer was tossed from an overpass along I-295 in Varuna, VA, and slammed into his big rig, crashing through the windshield and narrowly missing the driver, according to a report by WRVR News, a Fox affiliate.

A representative from an unidentified Miami-based trucking company told WTVR one of its truck drivers saw someone on top of the Buffin Road overpass toss a deer, with a rope tied around its neck, off the bridge.

“All I know is that when I came up on the bridge it wasn’t hanging there,” the driver told WTVR. “And then I looked up and a deer come over the bridge on a rope swinging at me.”

The driver said his truck slammed into the deer carcass, which crashed through the truck’s windshield narrowly missing him. The rope connected to the overpass and tied around the deer’s neck was severed during the crash. It ended up slapping the truck driver in the face, according to the report.

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