Truck Rodeo organizers hope to educate young drivers

The Pee Dee Transportation Assn., Darlington, SC, will host a truck driving competition and show to raise awareness and funds to support the Teens & Trucks Share the Road safety initiative for area teen drivers.

The Truck Rodeo will be held Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Darlington Raceway in Darlington, SC. Organizers will design a test course that simulates some of the toughest driving, backing, and slow maneuvering situations that truck drivers face on a regular basis.

“To safely drive and maneuver a big truck requires skill and experience under pressure, and this course will test those skills,” said event organizer David Mastrodomenico, fleet manager for Sonoco Recycling and board member of the Pee Dee Transportation Assn. “This is an opportunity for area truck drivers to receive recognition for the professionalism required to safely operate a truck.”

The event is also designed as an educational tool to help motorists, especially teens, share the road safely with big rigs.

“We wanted to have an event that raises funds to take the Teens and Trucks Share the Road safety initiative into Pee Dee high schools next year,” said Veronica Harden, founder and president of the Pee Dee Transportation Assn. “The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has worked with other trucking associations to develop a safety program that educates young drivers on the hazards of large trucks and buses. This program teaches drivers about blind spots, braking distance, and other important safety information they need to know. Our goal is to raise enough funds to cover the printing and promotional costs to take this program to all of our area high schools. We can save lives and change the driving habits of generations to come.”

The Truck Rodeo is free to attend. There will also be an expo area of big trucks from area companies. In addition, attendees can purchase tickets for $10 to ride around the Darlington Raceway, and all proceeds benefit the Teens and Trucks Share the Road safety initiative. For more information about this event, go to For information about the Pee Dee Transportation Assn., go to

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