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Take your equipment the extra mile with the next generation of Cenex premium diesel

Jan. 9, 2023
The experts at Cenex help fleet operators continuously strive to optimize their diesel equipment’s engine performance and fuel economy while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Fleet operators continuously strive to optimize their diesel equipment’s engine performance and fuel economy while reducing downtime and maintenance costs. To fully maximize their operations, smart fleet owners know the innovation and quality of their diesel fuel are of the utmost importance. The latest generation of Cenex premium diesel now includes an innovative enhanced additive package that includes superior chemistry that does just that—provides fleets with the power, precision, and protection they need to get the job done, even in the most challenging conditions. 

Current diesel engine technology requires the use of high-quality premium diesel fuel to improve fuel economy, optimize power and support the heavy demands placed on the exhaust after-treatment system. Due to the tight tolerances, extreme temperatures, and high pressures in modern engines, systems must remain ultra-clean and free of deposits, otherwise operators risk inefficient operation and costly repairs. Cenex Roadmaster XL now includes four enhancements that build on the previous formulation’s success to deliver the cleanest combustion available.

What can these improved key features mean for your fleet? Let’s take a look.

  • Prioritize a clean engine. Cleaner engines allow your fleet to go the distance through complete combustion, reducing the risk of dealing with an underperforming engine. The industry-leading, advanced aggressive detergency package in Cenex Roadmaster XL provides optimal engine cleanliness. In comparison to the previous generation of Cenex premium diesel, the formulation is 40% more effective at breaking down harmful engine deposits. Plus, the detergency package is 2.5 times more effective at cleaning injector deposits in dirty equipment. Minimal deposits and buildup in the engine reduce the potential for downtime while optimizing power and providing better fuel economy when every dollar counts.
  • Keep equipment free of contaminants. Reliable fuel injector performance is critical to keeping your fleet on the road and your fuel supply running smoothly. If a fuel injector isn’t performing properly, it may be related to your fuel’s filterability and deposits, or there may be gum or varnish on the tips or inside the injector. Cenex Roadmaster XL provides maximum filterability to reduce filter blocking by up to 75% to keep the entire fuel system—filters, fuel injectors and pumps—clear of contaminants. The enhanced formulation also provides up to 20% improved biostability to further limit the degradation of your fuel and allow you to store your fuel longer, especially in the presence of biofuels. This means not only is your fuel ready when it’s needed, but your risk of downtime is reduced, and the performance of your engine is optimized with free-flowing fuels.
  • Safeguard your equipment from water-related issues. Water is the enemy of fuel and can severely impact clean combustion in fleet equipment. With a new two-phase total water management system, the improved chemistry in Cenex Roadmaster XL protects your fleet from contaminants, limits corrosion, and defends the complete combustion that’s critical to your fleet’s engines. This state-of-the-art system first pulls the gross majority of water from the fuel, allowing gravity to pull that bulk water to the bottom of the tank for easy drainage. Then, the detergency package encapsulates any negligible remaining water molecules, keeping them separated and safely carrying them through the combustion chamber. Your fleet can now fuel up without worry about the damage water could be causing inside your tanks and fueling systems.
  • Improve fuel efficiency and support of the exhaust after-treatment system. Maximize equipment power and performance with clean combustion that’s optimized when all injectors are atomizing fuel properly, and cylinders are firing at the same temperatures. The next generation of Cenex premium diesel fuels delivers 25% lower exhaust cylinder temperature fluctuations, or temperature deviations, across the combustion chamber because work is shared evenly in an ultra-clean system. No one injector is working harder than any other because each injector is clean, clear, and functioning as intended. With this complete fuel burn, fuel isn’t wasted or recirculated, giving your fleet greater fuel efficiency and better support of the exhaust after-treatment system. The engine produces less soot, which leads to less wear and tear on the exhaust system and fewer regenerations of the diesel particulate filter—saving you time and your operation money.

Plus, Cenex premium diesel continues to provide 10% to 15% more lubricity, so your injector and fuel pumps remain protected against wear. This keeps your engine reliable so you can stay on the road.

Through its comprehensive range of benefits, the next generation of Cenex premium diesel works harder so you can work smarter. When using Cenex Roadmaster XL in your fleet, you’ll welcome a host of benefits that can improve your operation. Increased engine power and fuel efficiency, complete combustion, and protection against contaminants are all key components that allow Cenex Premium Diesel to drive success for your fleet operation.

To learn more about Cenex Roadmaster XL and how it can help optimize your fleet, contact your local Cenex dealer.

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