Ace Hardware deploys Omnitracs' MCP110

Retailer Ace Hardware has deployed Omnitrac’s Mobile Computing Platform 110 (MCP110) across its fleet for in-cab communications between drivers and dispatchers.

The solution will assist Ace in hours-of-service compliance and navigation as well improving driver productivity and regulatory compliance.

Ace Hardware has a fleet of 410 trucks and has used a legacy Omnitracs mobile fleet management solution since 1999.

The “helpful hardware place” is adopting the following MCP110 suite of applications:

  • Hours of service—an electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) application provides up-to-date information on driver-hours availability to help ensure regulatory compliance and improve productivity;
  • Vehicle inspection report—eliminates paper DVIRs and makes it easier for drivers to record pertinent inspection information to help fleets save money, increase accuracy and completeness, and improve reporting, compliance and defect resolution;
  • Critical event reporting—delivers a comprehensive, actionable view of safety-oriented, event-driven data summarized by vehicle and driver to help improve performance, safety and accident prevention;
  • Trip manager—allows fleet managers to plan, view and manage trips and driver activities in near real-time to improve back-office efficiency, driver productivity, and customer service; and
  • ALK’s CoPilot Truck onboard, GPS-based truck navigation—allows drivers to input vehicle profile information, routing parameters, and load specification information to provide the best route and reduce fuel usage.

“Our primary objectives in adopting mobile fleet management technology were to improve dispatch-driver communication and eliminate time consuming and error-prone paper logs. Omnitracs was the ideal choice to help meet our daily operational needs, while ensuring a positive driver experience,” said Scott McLean, director of logistics and transportation at Ace Hardware Corporation. “Omnitracs’ MCP110 and applications have not only provided us greater visibility into what happens on the road, but also have helped us improve productivity. We’ve found our drivers appreciate the automated workflow and are more aware of their driving habits.”

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