AES Logistics rates added to Aljex hosted software

Users of Aljex Software hosted software can now access rates from AES Logistics through a new integration between the products.

The integration results in near-instant door-to-door rail intermodal quotes from AES that eliminate the traditional lag time in intermodal pricing for transportation planners and buyers, Aljex said.

AES is a provider of transportation services and supply chain logistics ranging from truckload and LTL to ocean and air cargo service. Aljex is a provider of hosted transportation management software for brokers, carriers, and other transportation providers.

According to Aljex, AES generates rates almost instantly, usually in less than a minute. Now those rates are available with a few keystrokes to Aljex users, enabling faster, more intelligent sales and operational decisions.

“Integration with AES provides sourcing for intermodal services with immediate pricing. I have spoken with customers who deal with two of the largest national intermodal carriers and they take 15 to 40 minutes at times to get the rates. Here rates are returned in real-time and include first availability of equipment. Those rates will auto-populate Aljex screens when you search for rates and equipment using Aljex SmartSearch. No additional queries are needed,” said Aljex president Joe Hirschman.

“We are excited about this strategic partnership with Aljex Software. They are a leader in the truckload software industry and this provides us direct marketing access to their customers,” said Bob Schwieger, vice president of marketing for AES.

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