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Alert Gps launches new ELD compliance solution

Alert Gps Inc. announced a new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance solution for optimizing fleet management—the Alert ELD system. The new system records Hours of Service (HOS) and is registered and certified with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), according to the company.

The Alert ELD platform enables users to remotely access back-end data and technical support, and can be customized to meet a variety of user needs. In addition, users can log in from any device to view the location of their vehicles or assets, at any time. Alert notifications may also be set up to send out automatic messages when a violation has occurred, such as speeding, idling or breaching a geofence.

“With the ELD mandate deadline quickly approaching, electronic logging devices are no longer a convenience, they’re a necessity,” said Adrian Glodz, president of Alert Gps Inc. “The Alert ELD system not only provides fleet managers with an end-to-end solution for ELD compliance but reduces the time, expense and hassle associated with keeping a paper log.”

In addition, Alert Gps has partnered with Master Safety Inc.—a knowledgeable team of transportation license and safety consultants—to provide Alert ELD customers with free training for authorized personnel.

“We are pleased to be an Alert Gps Inc. partner. By combining Master Safety’s commercial motor vehicle experience with the Alert ELD system, we can help companies achieve regulatory compliance more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Ivona Chmiel, principal of Master Safety.

To learn more about the Alert ELD system or to obtain a free GPS fleet tracking quote, contact Alert Gps Inc. at 1-312-722-6661, [email protected] or

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