Aljex improves network performance, data security

Aljex Software is improving its network performance and data security with a new Tier-IV data center operated by Zimcom Internet Solutions of Cincinnati, OH. The multi-redundant, super-fast, center will provide state-of-the-art access and ultra-secure data storage for all Aljex clients.

Tier IV refers to the highest level of data center security as defined in the TIA-942 standard by the Telecommunications Industry Assn.

Aljex is an SAAS provider of hosted operations software for the transportation industry, serving brokers, carriers, and 3rd party logistics providers.

According to Aljex CEO Tom Heine, Aljex clients and users will notice much faster speeds, combined with more reliability. In addition to speed and security, the system will allow for increased flexibility and much more rapid set up for new customers and changes in existing operations.

“We’ll have ultra-fast servers that are very redundant, very fault-tolerant,” Heine said. “The servers are so fast that Aljex clients won’t even see a minor slowdown when the backups are being performed.”

The system is backed up four times a day to a remote location.

The primary site is the Cyrus One Data Center in a secure, fortress-like building in downtown Cincinnati. The backup site is in Lebanon, OH.

According to Steve Searles, vice president, operations for Zimcom, Aljex data in both facilities will be handled by VNX 5300 Series arrays from EMC Corp.

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