Aljex integrates with MacroPoint Tracking, Mobilecom, and POD Software

Aljex Software has integrated its products with MacroPoint for load tracking, mobile communications, proof-of-delivery and more. MacroPoint offers software products that are deployed on cellphones and other mobile devices.

The integration means that MacroPoint communications will now appear directly on Aljex screens. Aljex provides hosted operations software for the transportation industry serving brokers, carriers, and 3rd party logistics providers.

MacroPoint offers MacroPoint Track, which can be used on low-cost, Java-enabled phones for location updates and quick communication. There is also MacroPoint Fleet Track for camera-equipped smartphones for signature capture, proof-of-delivery, and more. MacroPoint Track can provide regular location updates without driver input, Aljex said.

Mobile Apps smartphone software from MacroPoint brings the benefits of onboard computing and mobile communications to the popular devices, enabling brokers and carriers to track loads as well as receive real-time notifications, delivery signatures, and transportation documents.

“We’re very pleased to offer MacroPoint integration to our customers,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine. “The kind of information that MacroPoint brings to the table is very valuable to the brokers and carriers we serve. Integration brings it at least one step closer to the dispatchers and shippers who need it.”

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