ALK offers flexible, interactive mapping product

ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics and navigation software, announced the availability of ALK Maps, which provides truck-specific routing, mapping, geocoding and visualization.

In addition to powerful and flexible interactive mapping capabilities, ALK Maps allows transportation companies to generate multiple commercial routes and geocode locations with only a few lines of code.

At the core of ALK Maps is the PC*Miler Routing Engine. PC*Miler Routing Engine provides the ability to generate accurate routes to ensure safety for trucks and commercial vehicles, the company said in an announcement.

The ALK Maps APIs can be used in web applications, mobile apps, or desktop products, offering flexibility in product offerings. The APIs are designed to get transportation and logistics companies up and running quickly with less overhead, ALK said.

The ALK Maps JavaScript library provides functionality for the transportation industry that goes beyond what a consumer mapping platform can offer, the manufacturer adds. ALK Maps includes flexible layering which displays ALK’s commercial maps as a base layer and allows users to overlay routing, geocoding points, traffic, weather, or other data as separate controllable layers. External geographic data can also be added as a vector or image layer.

“We have just completed a three month ALK Maps Beta program and have seen strong initial interest from partners and customers who are creating some very compelling integrations,” said Michael Kornhauser, senior vice president - Enterprise Solutions, ALK Technologies. “Just as truck drivers should not be using consumer GPS software; fleets, shippers, and logistics companies realize the safety value and benefits of using a truck-specific mapping solution.”

To request a demonstration or for more information regarding ALK Maps, visit

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