Ambu-Trans installs Mobileye collision avoidance system

QUEENS, NY. Ambu-Trans, a provider of non-emergency medical transportation serving the greater New York metropolitan area, and Mobileye Aftermarket, a division of Mobileye N.V., which develops vision and data analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving, announced that Ambu-Trans will be installing the Mobileye Aftermarket collision avoidance system in its fleet of over 60 paratransit vehicles.

The Mobileye Aftermarket system provides collision prevention and mitigation by warning drivers of potential incidents before they happen.  According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, 93% of accidents are due to human error. An alert system such as Mobileye can give a distracted driver the opportunity to avoid a collision or mitigate its severity, according to the company.

“The safety of our drivers and passengers is of utmost importance.” said Neal Kalish, president of Ambu-Trans.  “With its real-time alert system, Mobileye’s Aftermarket system is an important addition to our fleet safety program.”

The safety benefits of collision avoidance systems like Mobileye have been proven to reduce collisions and the injuries and fatalities involved, according to the company. Mobileye includes forward collision warnings for vehicles and pedestrians, headway monitoring/following time, and lane departure alerts, as well as the ability to warn drivers when speed limits are exceeded.

“The Mobileye Aftermarket system is a real solution for fleets that recognize the benefit of adding a collision avoidance system to their existing vehicles,” said Michael Backman, general manager, Mobileye Aftermarket USA.

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