Android-based productivity product suite released

Omnitracs announced the release its new extended productivity suite for Android this week at the TMW Systems’ TransForum User Conference in Anaheim, CA.

The suite includes a proof-of-delivery application. The whole solution is designed to support activities that take place outside of the cab on a companion smart device, such as signature capture, barcode scanning and document imaging, enabling fleets to increase operational savings, reduce manual paperwork and mistakes, and improve cash flow and customer service.

Currently supported by Omnitracs’ Mobile Computing Platforms (MCP) 110 and 200, extended productivity proof of delivery automatically and wirelessly syncs with the MCP to securely and efficiently transmit information by using the same data plan, Omnitracs said. Through the combination of an integrated in-cab solution and portable device, fleets whose drivers perform different tasks outside the vehicle—such as less-than-truckload (LTL) and private fleets—gain a more robust and flexible solution, it added.

The solution also offers:

  • Document imaging—electronically captures paper bills of lading, border crossing and other documents via the smart device camera
  • Returns & pickups—captures information from returns and scheduled or unscheduled pickups
  • Barcode scanning—provides the ability to scan barcodes using supported smart device cameras or integrated barcode readers to more efficiently capture information related to delivery, returns and pickups
  • Photo capture—attaches photos taken on the smart device camera for purposes such as capturing overages, shortages and damages

“We are pleased to offer a unique combination of in-cab and portable mobile device capabilities that empower fleets with the right device for the right activity, all within one data plan for greater efficiency,” said Vikas Jain, vice president of product management and Software-as-a-Service at Omnitracs. “As today’s truck drivers continue to perform many tasks outside of the cab, we foresee smart devices playing a complementary role alongside our ruggedized MCPs to enhance the driver experience, while ensuring optimal security for transportation organizations.”

Omnitracs also announced a number of new integrations for users of TMW Systems software. The new solutions give TMW customers access to the following Omnitracs’ offerings:

  • Critical event reporting (CER)—joins Omnitracs’ comprehensive, actionable view of safety-oriented, event-driven data summarized with TMWSuite by vehicle and monitored with TMW Dawg Alerts to provide near real-time updates when specific events occur. Additionally, TMWSuite can now forward integrated messages from critical events, requesting driver feedback. The Dawg for TMWSuite and the new Omnitracs critical event reporting integration module are available from TMW Systems.
  • Trailer/reefer tracks portal—delivers Omnitracs’ pertinent trailer information, such as connect/disconnect information and reefer alerts, directly to key personnel via the TMWSuite Trailer Tracking module and The Dawg exception, alerting module for TMWSuite. Additionally, advanced Dawg alert functionality enables customers to gain greater and timelier visibility when certain events occur. Trailer tracks integration also automates Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS) to provide TMWSuite customers with greater in-transit visibility into trailer tracking data of hazardous materials to ensure compliance. The TMWSuite trailer tracking module is available from TWM Systems.
  • Driver workflow with automated arrival & departure functionality—simplifies circle-of-service operation in-cab by providing an application that enhances operational efficiency with better management of load assignments for fleets using the enhanced Omnitracs integration from TMWSuite.
  • Hosted TMW/Omnitracs portal—thin client and streamlined user interface is easier to adopt, install and manage for small- to medium-sized fleets using Innovative IES, Innovative Access or Access Plus dispatch solutions from TMW Systems. Customers wishing to migrate to Omnitracs new portal will require the Innovative Omnitracs Mobile Communications module available from TMW Systems.
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