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Product Spotlight: Rear-view and mirror technology

July 19, 2023
Rear-view and side mirror technology is emerging in the long-haul and heavy-duty trucking industry. Here's a look at what some of the top trucking suppliers are offering fleets in 2023.

Bosch Mobility

The Bosch Mobility near-range camera utilizes the latest CMOS technology (complementary metal oxide semiconductor), which offers better image quality in situations with huge range in brightness as well as low light conditions. The near-range camera is available in different configurations with a horizontal field of view of 137 degrees up to 187 degrees.

Phillips Innovations

The new Phillips Innovations Rear-VU Backup Camera (and free app launching later this year) increases backup visibility, driver and pedestrian safety, and trailer asset protection, according to the company. The system features a 170-degree view with visibility of rear bumpers, doors, and more than 20 feet behind the trailer, according to Phillips Innovations. Hardware and software installation is quick, easy, and user-friendly. The Rear-VU camera is mounted with two bolts at the trailer’s top rear center marker light on either standard or offset door configurations. Using a free development kit, the camera’s software can also be integrated into an onboard ELD with Wi-Fi capabilities.


Pro-Vision’s “sophisticated” cameras and object detection technology, including backup and side-vision cameras, can help increase visibility, eliminate blind spots and help prevent accidents. Pro-Vision’s side, rear, and observation cameras are integrated with an onboard, solid-state DVR, which means there are no moving parts to fail, according to the company. Pro-Vision’s cameras provide increased visibility by displaying views on an LCD monitor in the cab. They are also designed to record video.

Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety offers the Simple Sight wireless backup camera system with two cameras or one and a now brighter 5-inch high-definition dual-channel monitor. According to the company, the system offers guaranteed transmission of up to 100 feet at highway speeds, and the cameras are waterproof and vibration- and shock-resistant. The cameras also have infrared night vision up to 15 feet, and the company’s Instant Pair system pairs cameras and monitors in under a minute without the need for the driver to leave the cab.

Rearview Systems

Rearview Systems features four systems or kits—STM5600HD, STM5600DK, STM7000D, AND STM704QHDZ—with rear-view back-up cameras and monitors. Choose from flush-mount, surface-mount, and side-mount rear view cameras with CCD or CMOS image sensors with 120-, 130- or 150-degree viewing angles. The STM5600HDK camera kit, for example, features a 5.6-inch digital display with anti-glare screen cover to reduce glare. The kit includes what the company calls its most popular 130-degree (diagonal) high performance color camera. With a sealed aluminum housing, this monitor is dust- and water-resistant.

Safety Vision

The three-piece Safety Vision Safety Wireless Backup Camera Kit can help reduce backup incidents with a simple plug-n-play installation and digital wireless connection of up to 100 feet, according to the company, which also added that the kit is ideal for drop-and-hook operations with a wireless 7-inch Quad View, providing visual display when backing and a built-in recorder.


Stoneridge’s MirrorEye system replaces traditional rear and side-view mirrors on commercial vehicles with external digital cameras, making the roads safer through driver vision enhancement, according to Stoneridge. The system improves safety by eliminating blind spots and proactively reduces the frequency and severity of incidents in turning events, lane changes, and close corner/backing maneuvers. Features include heated lenses for enhanced views in inclement weather; active color night-vision; automated trailer panning that keeps trailer wheels in view; infrared exterior spotlights for improved docking visibility at night; and video recording for exoneration and litigation protection.


Trimble recently introduced a trailer backup camera as part of its Video Intelligence solution, according to the company. The Video Intelligence backup camera is the industry’s first wireless trailer backup camera to automatically pair with tractors to stream live video in-cab, Trimble said. The backup camera is part of the fully integrated Video Intelligence solution, which also includes forward and side-facing cameras, to give you 360 degrees of video data. The camera also records rear-facing video when the onboard event recorder is triggered to potentially exonerate your driver in the event of a backing accident.

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