McLeod releases new versions of software solutions

July 1, 2016
McLeod Software is releasing Version 16.1 of its flagship products, LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker software solutions.

McLeod Software is releasing Version 16.1 of its flagship products, LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker software solutions.

McLeod’s Version 16.1 release includes a new data warehouse and business intelligence product, McLeod IQ, which was designed to take advantage of current Microsoft tools, such as PowerBI, according to the company.

“We developed McLeod IQ to provide insight into key indicators that are important to our customers’ businesses,” the company said. “With McLeod IQ, customers can slice, dice, measure, and report on their data in many new ways; and they can do it easily buy using simple tools, such as Microsoft Excel Pivot tables.”

McLeod IQ utilizes the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack to create a multidimensional cube that aggregates our customers’ important metric data in a way that is easy to understand, report, and analyze. The data cube architecture shows their important KPIs against any type of dimensional data (i.e.: Customer/Location/Driver), thereby showing relationships and correlations that are not normally easy to see from standard reports.

PowerBroker now includes a new Carrier Relationship Management module, which works in a similar way to McLeod’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and allows a broker to focus on finding and building relationships with their key carriers.

A new Carrier Call List screen has been added to assist in prioritizing outbound telemarketing efforts and review historical call records. With each contact, users can record details of the call and view suggested next action activity. These new features provide a CRM type workflow for carrier recruitment and a way to provide consistent contact.

A new HOS integration option is available with Teletrac Fleet Director and RydeSmart applications. The integration includes the retrieval of Hours of Service data from Teletrac into LoadMaster, providing near real-time updates in Order Planning and Feasibility.

“The Version 16.1 of LoadMaster includes a new integration with WebTech Wireless Quadrant solution,” according to the company. “This new integration provides the ability to retrieve positions from Quadrant into LoadMaster, the transmission of next assigned dispatch to Quadrant for delivery, two-way text and messages between dispatch users and drivers, and automated dispatch updates from inbound forms data.”

Included with Version 16.1 is a new vendor interface with Pegasus TransTech Transflo Mobile+ solution. This integration provides the automated sending of next dispatch assignments from LoadMaster to Transflo Mobile+ for delivery to the driver’s mobile device.

PowerBroker Version 16.1 includes a new Carrier Monitoring and Onboarding Interface with A subscription to CACCI provides certificate of insurance information on over 200,000 carriers, as well as DOT Safety Ratings, CSA scores, Authority data, CPR status and reporting. The Onboarding interface with has added benefit of the carrier driven registration process, in which they register with and provide the necessary paperwork up front. The carriers then setup their preferred lanes, which are made visible in the interface. Information from the carrier and can be reviewed, and a decision made to either add or deny onboarding the carrier.

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