MuHu platform focuses on fleet safety

Feb. 7, 2017
MuHu Inc. launched MuHu, a mobile app and platform as a service (PaaS) that delivers dual live streaming, on-demand video, and unsafe driving alerts.

MuHu Inc. announced the launch of MuHu, a mobile app and platform as a service (PaaS) that delivers dual live streaming, on-demand video, and unsafe driving alerts directly to the cloud.

"MuHu has transformed the way I manage my fleet," said Douglas Howell, vice president of service and maintenance at TruStar Energy, a CNG station services company operating 500 vehicles. "I can literally ride right along with my drivers now—I see what they see, no matter where I am. That means I can coach them to be safer and more efficient. And, I can protect them—and TruStar—on those occasions we do get complaints about accidents or property damage, where we weren't at fault."

According to the company, the MuHu ecosystem features:

  • An open video platform as a service (VPaaS)
  • Video analytics, powered by “deep learning and big data”
  • A self-healing mobile app

"MuHu began as a moonshot project," said MuHu founder, CEO and CTO, Blake Gasca. "I saw tremendous potential to make people safer on the road by leveraging IoT and deep learning technologies. The challenge was implementing all this functionality into a mobile device; a challenge we solved by combining mobile and cloud processing."

Today, the MuHu driver app captures up to 4K resolution video on Android devices; an iOS app expected in Q2. Video and GPS data is then streamed to the cloud-based MuHu Live fleet management portal.

The MuHu Live web portal and app deliver fleet managers G-sensor alerts, safety and performance analytics, and, coming soon, ADAS alerts. Now, managers can remotely view live video and search video clips for an accurate picture of safety events.

Transportation businesses today can use MuHu as a standalone fleet management solution—or integrate MuHu into their existing platform with MuHu's open API, the company mentioned. In the future, MuHu's open platform will deliver deeper visual intelligence, including facial recognition, to the transportation, security, and safety sectors, the company added.

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