Geotab Marketplace updated with new partners

June 15, 2018
Geotab recently released three partner solutions to its Marketplace platform.

Geotab recently released three partner solutions to its Marketplace platform.

MOVON, Digital Matter and Optimum Fleet Health were released preceding the company’s Connect conference and contribute to an expanding group of mobile apps, hardware and software.

The larger portfolio provides owners and managers with the tools to effectively oversee their fleets. It includes asset tracking, collision avoidance technology and predictive maintenance. These three, in addition to more than 65 others, were promoted at the conference.

MOVON targets driver’s behavior and safety to improve a trucking business, and to do that, it relies on an interactive system with a dash cam for concrete material to create reports and assist in tangible improvements. Managers are afforded insight into behind-the-wheel activities than can help or hurt their bottom line. One feature works to reduce accidents through notifications like the forward warning collision system, time-to-collision alert and lane departure warning.

For MOVON’s general manager Dominic So, it’s about safety.

“MOVON’s Driver Assistance System is accelerating our mission towards a safer world,” So said. “Bringing our dynamic solution to the Geotab Marketplace will help connect us with more businesses and more fleets to help them improve driver safety while catalyzing our vision further.”

Digital Matter is a battery-extended tracking device for fleet assets, such as equipment, trailers and containers, that pinpoint location through GPS.

The company’s vice president of sales in the Americas Matt Hofmeyr said Digital Matter has been working to offer this GPS-based technology to customers since 2011.

“We are excited to join the Geotab Marketplace and showcase our world-leading solution to the over 26,000 customers leveraging Geotab’s telematics solution to optimize their vehicles, and their business,” Hofmeyr said.

Optimum Fleet Health assists business with predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and eliminate unnecessary costs. Using alerts when a potential problem is detected, this app flags issues through fault-code centered technology to reveal aspects of a fleet that may otherwise be missed.

Chief executive officer of Optimum Fleet Health Bob Moran likened his company’s technology to visiting a doctor.

“VRx is like getting a fleet maintenance prescription from a doctor,” Moran said. “By predicting time to system failure up to four weeks in advance, VRx helps businesses drive uptime. We look forward to having the opportunity to help Geotab customers reduce unplanned downtime and are excited to display our solution at Geotab Connect.”

All three are built to integrate into companies’ preexisting software and can be used on the MyGeotab platform. 

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