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What’s new in video intelligence?

Sept. 19, 2019
How to manage fatigue monitoring and safe driving with new tech.

HOUSTON. According to Jim Angel, vice president of video intelligence solutions for Trimble Transportation Mobility, driver fatigue is broken down into three parts: 87.2% driver error, 10.1% vehicle malfunction, and 2.3% environmental factors. A way to manage these factors can be through the Pulsar Trucking Fatigue Meter as well as a variety of new technologies dedicated to assisting the driver through video monitoring.  

During his session at Trimble’s in.sight user conference, Angel stated that drowsy driving – at least 18 hours without sleep – is like having a blood alcohol level of .05%. But with Pulsar’s Trucking Fatigue Meter, fleet managers can spot risks before they happen, provide personalized coaching and mitigation strategies for fatigued drivers, and measure and truck fatigue risk across an entire fleet operation.

Pulsar completed a case study with Schneider after a fleet leader noticed an inconsistent work schedule between day and night shifts in one of their drivers. After some collaboration with the driver and coaching resources from Pulsar, the driver was able to see results after sticking to a consistent schedule as well as a regular sleep and work routine.

“This is a great example of how collaborating with drivers to manage fatigue can go a long way toward creating a safe and productive work environment,” said Daniel Mollicone, CEO of Pulsar. “A fleet’s drivers are invaluable to its success, and it is just good business to help them be healthy and fit for duty.”

In addition to a fatigue monitoring program, there are different pieces of equipment out there to assist in managing video monitoring to make sure the best safety protocols are being followed.

Trimble’s two-channel DVR and mini HD cameras:

  • Five to ten-minute installation time
  • Expandable storage
  • Two SD card slots
  • Up to 12-hour sleep timer
  • 4G LTE coverage

Web based Activation tool: DVR Toolkit:

  • CID and password
  • Can scan serial number, make the entry
  • Can scan VIN umber of vehicle 
  • Can install in 15 minutes

Pod camera:

  • Universal: not specific to right or left side of vehicle
  • Mounting flexibility: Mount under spot mirror or parallel flat surface
  • IP69: Protected from extreme temps, water, dust ingress
  • Driver assist Helps eliminate blind spot
  • About the size of a dice
  • If using Trimble telematics and android device, can bring in the view into the cab in the 4 way channel

During last year’s in.sight user conference, Angel introduced Intelliview, an artificial intelligence program that helps filter different Onboard Event Recordings (OER) triggered events by categorizing videos as primary or secondary risks. Primary risks could include headway monitoring, collision mitigation, and forward collision warning while secondary risks could be a car driving on the other side of the highway or a vehicle changing lanes two lanes to the right. Intelliview brings the most critical videos to the forefront while eliminating invalid event-based videos, so fleets may take immediate action if necessary on the most important events.

"Intelliview is the latest milestone in the evolution of video intelligence and will enable fleets to save time by focusing on the videos, drivers and driver behaviors that require immediate attention to reduce risk," said Angel. "As technology such as machine learning evolves, we are constantly improving our solution to save customers time and money while helping improve safety and provide potential liability protection."

Of the last 25,000 videos Intelliview has processed, approximately 2,700 of the videos were marked as primary risks while 22,045 videos were flagged as secondary.

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