Drivewyze and Manitoba Department of Transportation partner to expand weigh station bypass

Drivewyze partners with Manitoba to implement PreClear weigh station bypass

June 21, 2024
The service expands the bypass network in Canada to important freight corridors in Manitoba.

Drivewyze recently partnered with the Manitoba Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to offer PreClear weigh station bypass services throughout the province. By bundling this service with bypass services in Ontario, Newfoundland, and Labrador, the bypass network in Canada will expand to important freight corridors in Manitoba.

The Manitoba service will be operated by the Transportation Operations Division Motor Carrier Enforcement. It allows subscribed trucks with Canadian or U.S. plates to have bypass opportunities at eight locations throughout the province, including:

  • West Hawk Lake Hwy-1 EB
  • West Hawk Lake Hwy-1 WB
  • Emerson Hwy-75 NB
  • Emerson Hwy-75 SB 
  • Carroll Hwy-2 EB
  • Carroll Hwy-2 WB
  • Headingley Hwy-1 EB
  • Headingley Hwy-1 WB

“We’re partnering with Canadian provinces to expand bypass programs across Canada with Manitoba representing a key geography for the trucking community,” said Brian Mofford, Drivewyze’s VP of government experience. “As an added value, we’ve bundled the service for those who have subscriptions for bypass in Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador. We hope to bring more provinces on board soon to fulfill our goal of having complete coverage in Canada.”

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According to Mofford, with four bypass locations along the Trans-Canada Highway, which covers about 304 mles through Manitoba, truck drivers have more road time and less downtime.

Mofford said the bypass sites represent the busiest areas for truck traffic, especially the Headingley Highway 1 east and westbound. “This is just west of Winnipeg, and it’s by far the busiest of the four scale locations,” he said. “The Emerson Highway 75 location is important, too, as it’s the port of entry from the U.S. heading north in Manitoba, with southbound travel going into North Dakota and Minnesota.”

“We operate a large fleet based in Manitoba and applaud the province for its leadership in adopting a weigh station bypass program,” said Garth Pitzel, Bison Transport’s AVP of safety and driver development. “We’re excited about bypass opportunities now being available in Manitoba.”

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