Auditing system said to detect fuel theft, improve fuel efficiency

Blue Tree Systems is making its new Fuel Auditor program generally available after successful evaluation by TransAm across its 1,400-truck fleet, the company said.

Fuel Auditor is designed to help fleets accurately audit the fuel being burned across their fleet and drill-down to audit fuel usage per truck and driver to locate discrepancies. It is part of Blue Tree’s R:COM fleet management solution, which uses advanced algorithms capable of calibrating the ECM fuel data.

Fuel Auditor compares the amount of fuel burned by each truck in the fleet to the amount of fuel purchased. Fuel purchased data can be imported from electronic fuel cards, on-site pumps, or typed in manually from receipts. Any discrepancies between fuel burned and fuel purchased are immediately highlighted in the advanced reporting system which includes drill-down capability to determine the exact time window and location of the discrepancy, Blue Tree said.

The solution also monitors the truck fuel tank level to detect all fuel fills and extractions with greater accuracy and has the ability to map the location of the fuel level change event.

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