Bendix video offers look at Wingman Fusion

A new video from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems takes viewers inside the cab of a truck equipped with Bendix Wingman Fusion, offering a look at how the integrated collision mitigation system assists drivers. In addition to covering Fusion’s capabilities, components, alerts, and interventions, the video provides perspective on the development of the proven technologies behind the system, and explores the differences in the industry’s range of collision mitigation offerings.

Take a look: “Driving with Bendix Wingman Fusion:”

“With the evolution of driver assistance systems since 2009 and the continuing buildup about autonomous vehicle applications, it’s important that fleets – and especially drivers – get a clear picture of what to expect in terms of alerts and interventions from the technology in place on their vehicle,” said Fred Andersky, Bendix director of customer solutions, Controls. “That’s why we bring viewers into the cab so they can see and hear how Fusion can help to make a good driver better, while reminding them of the importance of skilled drivers in collision and crash mitigation. It’s important that drivers are aware of the advancements since their operation may have vehicles with different types – or even different generations – of collision mitigation or warning technologies.”

Bendix Wingman Fusion was launched in 2015, but the video includes a look back at the evolution of Bendix collision mitigation technologies, according to the company. The system’s camera is powered by the Mobileye System-on-Chip EyeQ processor with state-of-the-art vision algorithms.

“There’s a lot going on in Fusion’s ‘brain’ as it pulls in information about the vehicle and its surroundings, which is why we also felt it important for the video to explain how the system shares the most vital information, and to show exactly what a driver can expect in various situations on the road,” Andersky said.

In addition, Wingman Fusion offers braking on stationary vehicles, lane departure warning, and overspeed alert and action, the company noted.

Fusion is built on Bendix ESP full-stability technology, which can also provide drivers with support to help them mitigate potential rollover or loss-of-control situations on dry, wet, snow- and ice-covered roadways.

“When you see the system at work, it becomes very clear that these safety technologies aren’t meant to encourage or enable aggressive driving, and that responsibility and control of the vehicle remain fully in the drivers’ hands,” Andersky said. “Highway safety continues to depend first and foremost on the safe habits of skilled, alert drivers and continuous, comprehensive training – and Bendix will continue to provide North America’s fleets and drivers with the leading-edge technologies that support their commitment to safe roads for everyone.”

For more information about Bendix safety systems, call Bendix at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE.

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