Blue Tree Systems available on Windows CE, Windows Mobile devices

Blue Tree Systems’ R:COM fleet management software is now available on most handheld devices with the inclusion of Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices.

“This new capability means carriers already using any device operating on the Windows CE & Mobile platform can seamlessly install our R:COM fleet management system without undergoing expensive and lengthy hardware changes,” said Charlie Cahill, CEO.

By combining the R:COM fleet management system with a POD or other enterprise application commonly used on handheld devices, fleets save substantially in hardware investments, and gain maintenance and support simplicity, the company said.

“In addition to the savings realized by avoiding hardware changes, R:COM also provides users with some of the industry’s most advanced feature sets that reduce costs and significantly increase operational efficiency,” Cahill added. “For example, our HOS Advisor is the industry’s first HOS tool designed to assist drivers in making the best possible decisions to optimize their hours of service. Drivers have told us it’s like having an HOS expert riding in the passenger seat, helping them make the best decisions to optimize the working day. Add these advanced features with the ability to use just about any piece of hardware and as far as we’re concerned, it’s a game changer.”

R:COM also  provides vehicle tracking, pre- and post-trip vehicle checks, route management and turn-by-turn navigation. R:COM’s driver communication, job management and planning features also include the ability to send job details with navigation coordinates to continuously monitor the progress of each job, and receive ETA updates.

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