BOLT’s Atlas brings next-generation of mapping

BOLT has unveiled its new Atlas fleet management system. The interactive system displays breadcrumbs of planned vs. actual routes and next-generation mapping.

Atlas shows available driver hours to complete the current load as well as detailed information for the next pickup.

It also provides dispatch assistance by displaying unassigned/open loads along the route and within an assigned territory for the dispatcher. You can view one truck or all trucks within a group, terminal or entire fleet.  Alerts can be set to display trucks exceeding pre-specified speed limits.  

According to the company, dispatch can view specific geographical/business segment/operation and identify all applicable assets and their current status. The dispatcher can also see all uncovered loads within the geographical area. They can then zoom in on a target asset and analyze their ability to handle any of these uncovered loads (looking at HOS, proximity, metro area and equipment match).

Also, management can use the map to view the locations of the entire fleet or view specific areas or a particular vehicle. They can look at planned vs. actual trips to review the efficiency of a specific route. If desired, they can zoom in to see details of the route such as type of highway, bridges, etc. This can be especially helpful when operating within highly congested areas. Alerts can be set to display trucks that are exceeding specified speed limits.

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