In-cab scanning via Wi--Fi from PeopleNet/Pegasus

PeopleNet, a Trimble Company, has announced an upgrade to its in-cab scanning capabilities in partnership with Pegasus TransTech. When using scanning services remotely, drivers can now scan and transmit documents using a Wi-Fi network. This new capability is intended to help reduce the overall cost of the scanning solution.

According to the companies, the new feature offers two settings: Drivers may either send a document only when attached to a Wi-Fi network, or first try to send the information wirelessly, but then if Wi-Fi is unavailable, they may elect to send it over the cellular network instead.

“We are excited to give drivers a way to instantly and inexpensively scan and send important information such as bills of lading and signed delivery receipts right from the cab,” said Tom Dorazio, director of product management at PeopleNet. “The Wi-Fi enabled in-cab scanning feature is most attractive to drivers who are traveling long-haul routes and aren’t going back to a terminal each night. By empowering drivers to transmit information in this manner, it eliminates the need to find a location offering scanning services, which can take a driver off route, or choosing to mail documents to the back office, which adds extra time.”

“Through our partnership with PeopleNet, we are eager to help our mutual customers transmit important information in a way that is most convenient for the driver and the back office,” said Frank Adelman, president and CEO of Pegasus TransTech.

PeopleNet mobile computing and communications solutions also integrate with providers of enterprise software, wireless fleet management solutions and predictive analytics in Trimble’s own Transportation and Logistics Division, including: ALK;  GeoTrac, North America; TMW Systems and Vusion, North America.

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