Cadec Global, Energy Edge release in-cab telematics solution

Cadec Global and Energy Edge have combined to co-market Cadec’s PowerVue in-cab mobile solution to the fuel delivery market.

PowerVue allows users to set specific workflows for customer and product types to drive the delivery process, validate information and avoid data-entry errors. Data such as GPS location, speed and tachometer readings are monitored by the Cadec on-board computer, which constantly coaches the driver to comply with company and government safety standards and delivers data to enterprise systems in real time, Cadec said.

“We are very excited to partner with Energy Edge,” said Jon Bernstein, CEO of Cadec. “They give clients a competitive edge using a unique set of products, technologies and skills within the energy sector.” 

The solution also includes EOBR functionality to ensure hours-of-service compliance. It automates fuel tax and PTO rebate reporting as well.

“Cadec has been a leader in the fleet management market for many years, and many high-profile energy fleets rely on their solutions,” said John Vrabel, managing partner at Energy Edge. “We intend to leverage that success while using our domain expertise to define new joint opportunities.”

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