CDMA now available for Spireon’s FleetLocate Trailer and Asset Management Solution

Spireon, Inc. recently announced that next-generation CDMA technology is now available for powering their FleetLocate Trailer and Asset Management Solution. The CDMA option is in addition to the company’s already-existing GSM technology offering.

The new CDMA capabilities will also provide FleetLocate customers with a choice of network carriers, adding to the flexibility of the solution. According to the company, CDMA will be available on both the FL11 and FL700 products, both designed to provide trailer fleet managers and owners with an “unprecedented level of Rich Data, analytics and tools to allow them to optimize trailer performance.”

“With the integration of the latest CDMA cellular network technology, the FleetLocate Trailer and Asset Management Solution will provide our transportation customers a choice of cellular providers for the coverage and service that best fits their operational needs,” said Roni Taylor, vice president of FleetLocate Product Management. “Our goal is to provide customers with more options that work for them whether they are looking for CDMA or GSM technology. New CDMA capabilities allow our customers to stay connected to the critical trailer Rich Data in real-time with network availability, even when trailers are in remote locations.

“FleetLocate products with next-generation CMDA technology allow fleet owners and managers to increase their trailer IQ and their bottom-line performance,” Taylor added. “This is just one more example of how Spireon continues to embrace emerging technologies that deliver increased competitive advantages for our customers.”

Spireon emerged in 2011 as a Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company as a result of the merger of ProconGPS, Inc. with EnfoTrace and PFS, LLC.  

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