Check Montana road conditions via free app

The Montana Dept. of Transportation (MDT) has launched a free mobile app that lets drivers check the state’s Road Conditions Report. The road report relays timely information to motorists about travel advisories, winter driving conditions, weather forecast information, incidents, construction information, road closures,and major delays.

Winter travel information is updated every 30 minutes or as major changes occur.

Online, more than 40 web cameras provide viewers a first-hand glance at Montana’s roadway and mountain pass conditions. Road Weather Information Stations (RWIS) provide weather, surface temps, wind speed, precipitation and humidity at over 60 locations. MDT says the cameras are often the most visited pages on its website during severe winter conditions.

With the arrival of winter weather, MDOT is encouraging drivers to check the road conditions report before they travel.  MDOT  noted that its dial 511 system provides accurate and up-to-date travel information and can be accessed via the mobile app.

The app is available through Google and the Apple store via this link.

MDOT’s Road Conditions Report is also available by dialing 511 or 800-226-7623 or visiting this link.

MDT warns that drivers should be mindful that conditions can change quickly in winter months and drivers should research road and weather conditions to help plan their route and departure times.

MDT also offers these winter driving tips:

·         Keep the vehicle’s windows, mirrors and lights clear of snow and ice

·         Drive with headlights on

·         Do not use cruise control on wet or winter roads

·         Drive at an appropriate speed for conditions-- driving too fast for conditions is often a contributing factor in crashes

·         Be aware of potentially icy areas, such as shady spots and bridges

·         When approaching a snowplow from the rear, reduce speed immediately as they must operate at slower speeds to properly plow and sand.

·         Be patient and don’t crowd the plow-- plow operators know the road well and will pull over as soon as there is a spot for vehicles to safely pass.

·         When approaching an oncoming plow, don’t crowd the center line.




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