Chevin adds integrated asset tracking to its solution

Chevin Fleet Solutions has recently extended its fleet, asset and maintenance management software solution to include a fully integrated telematics offering.

According to North American Senior Vice President Ron Katz, this capability provides a cost-effective way for fleets to view critical visibility and “actionable” performance data within Chevin’s fleet management software.

“Many of our clients need more timely and accurate data to shed light on where their equipment is operating are and how it’s being used,” Katz commented. “FleetWave Connect provides fleets with a seamless way to easily integrate equipment performance data directly into FleetWave.”

According to the company, this new capability collects telematics delivered data about an asset’s performance and usage from a secure and installed device plugged directly into the OBD-II or JBUS. This data is then automatically sent to the cloud, processed, and made visible through FleetWave.

“This capability enables quick and straightforward creation of reports and auto generated notifications for out of compliance situations while allowing management to make quick and appropriate decisions,” Katz added. “Using FleetWave’s powerful data consolidation tools, fleets can utilize telematics as well as operational details captured within our software to take steps to improve driving efficiency, safety and utilization and reduce fuel costs.”

Using FleetWave’s native reporting capabilities, fleets can create driver scorecards and KPIs, generate automated email notifications or permit “where is the vehicle now” capabilities using embedded Google Maps to pinpoint the location of assets.

FleetWave is also fully integrated with control technology – providing pool reservations with secure key control through the software, and FleetWave Mobile, a native app for smartphones and tablets, which supports offline capture, collection and secure transfer of field-based data.

“FleetWave is an extremely flexible and scalable tool that can be integrated with all major business apps, systems and service providers, to help provide detailed visibility over every aspect of diverse fleet,” Katz said. “The introduction of FleetWave Connect is just one of the many ways we are helping our clients get the most from their fleet management software.”

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