Chevin health check alerts monitor fleet software

Chevin has introduced health check alerts to continuously monitor each FleetWave installation to provide a proactive support service, or early intervention, to ensure peak service levels are delivered at all times, according to the company.

Relevant and anonymized information is securely fed back to Chevin’s support team, who analyze the way in which the client is using the software and its resulting effectiveness, before making enhancements to the usability, the company said.

“FleetWave is a system that is constantly evolving with new features and modifications, made at the suggestion of our internal staff and external clients as well as to meet changing regulatory requirements,” support team leader Flyss Williams said. “The software can be configured in an almost limitless number of ways with dozens of different modules and reports available.”

“What Health Check Alerts allow us to do is monitor specific systems and the way in which they are used so that we can make proactive improvements and deliver world-class support for every client, regardless of their system configuration,” Williams said.

Chevin has recently expanded its global customer support team with a new structure and a number of new appointments.

“An outstanding level of client support is one of the areas where a software company can differentiate itself from the competition,” said Ron Katz, senior vice president of North American Sales. “With Health Check Alerts we are effectively providing the same ‘Preventative Maintenance’ approach to our software that our clients already apply to their fleet operations. By further investing in our team and with tools such as Health Check Alerts, we are confident that we will continue to provide industry-leading levels of customer support.”

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