Cloud-based mobile messaging service launches

Infinite Convergence Solutions announced the launch of a new Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS) this morning. The cloud-based service was developed to enable enterprises to securely exchange information with their customers, employees and business partners globally.

EMS builds upon Infinite Convergence’s existing messaging platform, which currently enables some 130 million subscribers to exchange 900 billion mobile messages annually, according to the company. Prior to the launch of this new direct service, the company’s messaging services largely operated “behind the scenes,” sitting beside cellular service providers to handle text messaging from delivery through billing checking.

The new service, with features such as global reach, delivery assurance and end-to-end secure delivery, as well as a user-friendly web portal, campaign manager, opt-in/opt-out capabilities and messaging analytics, leverage Infinite Convergence’s experience and robust platform capabilities to provide this new enterprise messaging service.

“The new business will move the company from a product-focused operation to a service provider,” John Puma, vice president of product management for Infinite Convergence, told Fleet Owner. “In this case, we are creating a new service. We will be working with companies directly, using various interfaces, to help them make their fleet operations more efficient.”

According to Puma, Infinite Convergence expects to work with fleets “that are already using messaging today, but want to do it better,” by improving delivery time and reducing costs.

“We will work with companies to identify areas or applications where we can help them to be more efficient,” he explained. “We are able to take [the messaging solution] from planning to implementation to actually running the system. We can also show [customers] analytics to prove what really happened—how many messages were delivered when and to whom.”

Typically, customers will come to Infinite Convergence because their current messaging systems are not as flexible as they would like, or because they can’t implement changes fast enough, noted Puma. “Basically, they [will seek our services] because are having difficulty getting things done,” he said. “The thing about us is that we operate the services ourselves.”

“In today’s mobile world, it’s necessary for enterprises to establish close connections with their clients. Text and multimedia messaging continues to be the most ubiquitous form of communication across the globe,” said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence Solutions. “EMS enables organizations to engage with their customers, employees and business partners in the most effective and compelling way.” 

According to the company, EMS’s scalable, secure and proven technology boasts 99.99% reliability with the ability to deliver messages to mobile subscribers in over 180 countries. Its API-based approach allows the service to be seamlessly integrated with existing business applications and IT infrastructures.

Formed in 2010 as a result of an alliance between Infinite Computer Solutions and Nokia Siemens Networks, Infinite Convergence provides messaging solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies to mobile operators and enterprises. The newly launched Enterprise Messaging Service rounds out their value-added solution offerings.

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