Comdata offers hotel network program for fleets

Comdata announced the launch of the Comdata Hotel Network in the transportation market.

The Comdata Hotel Network, powered by CLC Lodging, allows trucking carriers and drivers to manage and reduce the costs related to hotel stays.  The program is designed to help over-the-road drivers quickly find lodging options when needed –  such as for rest periods, maintenance events, or training – by offering access to a network of 12,000 participating lodging locations across North America.  Check-in and payment is also expedited by simply presenting a Comdata card, which secures a room and guarantees discounts of 20 percent or more off the lowest published rate for each stay.

The Comdata Hotel Network includes a convenient mobile app that allows drivers to identify locations in route, review the nightly rate and savings offered by each property and screen for on-site truck parking - which is often the most crucial aspect of choosing a stopping point.  In addition to saving time, the Comdata solution also eliminates the need for drivers to carry cash or pay with personal credit cards.  For the fleet, the Comdata program reduces the need to manage reimbursements while offering the same visibility, reporting and controls that they already leverage to manage fuel and other driver expenditures.

“Our research shows that 85% of carriers have no negotiated rates for hotels stays, but a majority them acknowledge regular use.  In fact, the average driver spends nearly $2,000 on hotel rooms per year,” said Greg Secord, president of North American Trucking at Comdata. “For a carrier with 100 trucks, that means the expense can be as much as $200,000 per year, so hotel spending represents a significant missed opportunity to enhance control, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Comdata has a long history of delivering innovative solutions like this to the transportation industry, and we are excited to expand the capabilities of the Comdata card yet again with the introduction of the Hotel Network.”

Schuster Trucking Company is among the first carriers to begin using the Comdata Hotel Network, according to the company. “We are excited to implement this program with our drivers, as it will make it easy for them to manage stays when they are on the road or when new drivers are training at our headquarters,” said Jeff Arens, vice president at Schuster. “Since the program uses our existing Comdata cards, we can take advantage of the savings immediately without changing processes for our team or the drivers.  And we can maintain control and insight over the spending to ensure it conforms to our policy guidelines.”

Secord added: “We believe this program will be a great benefit for Comdata customers like Schuster Trucking.  Today, nearly two-thirds of all driver hotel stops in our industry are spontaneous.  Even for unplanned stops, the Comdata Hotel Network ensures our customers can benefit from great rates, convenient truck parking and the payment controls and oversight they desire.”

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