Comdata updates FleetAdvance software

Fleet payment solutions provider Comdata has released an enhanced version of the FleetAdvance software. Release Two adds an opportunity analyzer to the program, enabling additional insight into potential fuel savings.

The software provides real-time transaction data to help make purchasing decisions, better manage fuel costs, and improve driver behavior, Comdata said.

According the company, the new feature release is a customized analytics tool that uses a simple, graphical interface to provide customers with a way to easily identify and quantify additional fuel savings opportunities by driver, merchant, and geography. 

“FleetAdvance demonstrates our commitment to payment innovation in the fleet industry, providing additional value to what is already the most trusted fuel transaction,” said Randy Morgan, executive vice president, fleet. “With our second release, we are providing tools that offer greater insight into savings opportunities to help our customers increase their efficiency while redefining the most successful fuel transaction.”

Customers can view a dashboard of their average transaction score and also measure the additional savings that would result from each point in score improvement, Comdata noted. Additionally, the analytics component includes the ability to drill down into specific opportunities by driver, merchant, and geography, allowing customer fuel savings opportunities to be both real and actionable.

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