Computing system provides fleet management, video surveillance solution

Mobile computing platform provider Advantech-DLoG has announced the release of TREK-674, a compact in-vehicle, dual-core computing box aimed at fleet management and vehicle surveillance applications.

Equipped with a 1.75 GHz Intel Atom E3827 dual-core processor, TREK-674 features an embedded Stretch S7 video encoding chip that supports up to eight analog camera input channels for high-quality video surveillance and extensive built-in RF features including GPS with AGPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/CDMA/HSDPA+/LTE technology. It facilitates real-time communication, vehicle tracking and positioning, and vehicle data collection, the company said.

The unit is designed for in-vehicle applications and is built to MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 specifications for shock/vibration resistance.

The system design is compatible with 12/24 V vehicle power. CFast, USB 3.0, and dual SIM card slots are located on the front of the device to ensure convenient access and easy maintenance, and the inclusion of a swappable 2.5 in. SSD tray with key-lock protection.

TREK-674 can be easily paired with TREK-303/306 in-vehicle smart displays via a single-cable connection. The power button on the in-vehicle smart displays can be set to control both the display device and the TREK-674 in-vehicle computing box. Additionally, both TREK-303 and TREK-306 are equipped with an embedded light sensor for auto-dimming functionality, and the five physical function keys located on the front of the displays are user programmable.

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