Convoy, now IdleAir, celebrates five years

Convoy Solutions celebrated its fifth anniversary, operating as IdleAir since February 2010. Since resuscitating IdleAir from the ashes of a formerly terminated business, the company has marked a number of milestones, including doubling its footprint as well as making technological developments and various upgrades.

IdleAir preserved a proprietary remotely managed “virtual motel” network with more than 1,000 active rooms and more than 6,000 parking spaces of intact expansion capacity, according to a company press release.

Since 2011, according to the release, the organization has doubled its footprint of locations to more than 40 truck stops and fleet terminals. It recently opened at the Latta, SC, Flying J, its second solar-PV powered truck stop. In addition, the release stated it completed construction of its first of several planned dedicated IdleAir terminals with Covenant Transport at their Headquarters and national training facility in Chattanooga, TN.

“IdleAir broke ground this week in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, with our first-ever operation outside of the USA with EGOBA Transportadora,” the release stated. “We are proud to be exporting our home grown American fuel saving, carbon mitigating technology to customers anywhere in the world that IdleAir can be most impactful and profitable.”

“We successfully launched discount pricing bundles this past year, like the now popular 40 hour Reset Special and our 10-hour ConvoyTV+Power Special,” according to the release. “Owners of bunk heaters and APUs have become repeat users of these bundles as tools for extending the operating life of their onboard investments while enjoying the peace and quiet of the IdleAir grid and in-cab Ethernet.”

IdleAir also stated it will launch an expanded, overnight 12-hour discount bundled offering just for OOIDA members. 

This past winter, IdleAir absorbed most of the assets and operations of the former American Idle Reduction (AIR), and it’s working to modify its core locations for handling IdleAir member card and fleet-card traffic for its 45,000-plus professional driver customers, according to the release.


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