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Convoy Flex Loads
With Convoy's Flex Loads, drivers find a load on their route, select a pickup or delivery date/ time that works for their schedule, and give the shipper or receiver an ETA.

Convoy's new Flex Loads offer pickup, delivery leeway

Freight-booking app developer Convoy has added a new Flex Loads feature that allows a shipper to set up a load that can be picked up or dropped off over a window of time or multiple days, helping carriers reduce empty miles traveled and get shippers the better rates.

"Poor appointment-setting is a leading source of wasted time and empty miles," the company noted regarding the new feature. "Even if a driver is able to find a shipment on the right route, the timing frequently doesn't work with their schedule."

Often when choosing loads and mapping out their routes—or having a dispatcher handle that—truck drivers may end up with pickup or delivery times that leave them waiting or covering empty miles. It might be a delivery appointment that leaves too much slack in transit time or one that has a driver dropping off a load, only to wait hours to pick up another at that location.

"Bad appointment times are an issue we have heard about repeatedly from carriers," Convoy pointed out.

The new Flex Loads feature allows a shipper to set a window or date range instead of a point in time for load pickup and delivery. Carriers and drivers can choose what fits best for their schedule.

Meanwhile, shippers using Flex Loads feature open more carrier options and capacity, thereby potentially getting better rates. It increases lead time for a load and can boost a shipper's on-time performance, according to Convoy. 

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