Costing and pricing software designed for small, mid-sized companies

Canadian startup company Contrast Logistics Software has entered the market with a new transport costing and pricing software program designed especially for small to mid-sized trucking companies.

“Dun and Bradstreet identified the trucking industry as having a rate of failure that was 75% higher than all other industries,” said Shawn Berry, owner of Contrast Logistics Software. “In fact, the major pitfalls behind these failures, according to a University of Tennessee study, were emotional pricing and a lack of knowledge of pricing, among others. Most truckers won’t sit down and figure out what work costs until after the work is done. Combine that with truckers blindly bidding and underbidding on work, which is emotional pricing, and you have a recipe for failure.”

The Rate-N-Roll software allows a company owner to compute the cost of doing a job with easy-to-generate rate quotes and pricing for any load by automating time-consuming cost and price calculations, the company said.

Instantaneous trip costing means that trucking company owners can now make better decisions about which loads to take and are able to manage how loads are done through a unique costing feature, the company said. No special training, dedicated server or hardware purchase is required.

The software provides truckers with an accounting tool that lets them quickly and easily analyze their cost structure and observe what happens to those costs when a purchase or spending reduction is anticipated. It also has a “translation” feature for French-speaking users and instantly changes the program features to French in a single click, with no additional software installation.

Furthermore, it also has a function that helps truckers bridge the language barriers of international trade and do business with customers that have a limited command of English by producing bilingual English-French and English-Spanish rate quotations.

“This is an important innovation for small trucking companies because they will now finally be able to do what larger trucking companies pay an entire department to take care of, right on their existing computer and without adding overhead. It'll give them a chance for success instead of failure,” said Berry.

Rate-N-Roll is available for purchase online through as an instant download.

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