Craig Transportation adopts Rand McNally’s TND 760

Craig Transportation adopts Rand McNally’s TND 760

Craig Transportation Co.  will roll out Rand McNally’s TND 760 mobile fleet management devices this month.

“Rand McNally provided the key measures we were looking for – McLeod integration, truck-specific navigation for our drivers, and E-log capabilities – easily installed at an attractive price,” said Michael Kadin Craig, vice president of safety, maintenance and compliance. “The drivers have reported that the device is very easy to use, with key features available in just a few clicks.  Training time has been minimal, and is easily handled with videos provided by Rand McNally.”

Craig Transportation is a regional over-the-road dry carrier that also operates shuttling and spotting services.

Shuttling and spotting requires up to 60 turns per day, generating a significant amount of paperwork to be tracked and managed. Workflow, a McLeod Software feature enabled by the TND 760 device, enables Craig Transportation to develop custom forms for each required step in the process, Rand McNally said. The forms are activated with minimal driver intervention, or in some cases automatically using geofencing, moving information seamlessly and error-free throughout the company.

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