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Cummins flips switch on “Connected Diagnostics”

Cummins flips switch on “Connected Diagnostics”

Engine maker Cummins Inc. is introducing what it calls the “first step” in its connected diagnostics program – part of the company’s Cummins Connected Solutions group of products that links the electronic “brains” of its diesel engines to a vehicle's on-board telematics system. The system goes live for truck owners April 1 this year, the OEM noted.

John Malina, executive director of connectivity and data integration business for the engine OEM, explained in a statement that “Connected Diagnostics” provides “immediate recommendations” from company experts in response to engine fault information to help maintain productivity and maximize uptime for customers.

Providing key information about an engine system fault in a short amount of time allows customers to address potential issues before the mission is impacted, he said. Getting such data quickly in real-time helps reduce the potential for progressive damage to vital engine and emissions components, Malina noted.

Cummins added that now has over 5,000 engines running “Connected Diagnostics” in North American in both medium- and heavy-duty trucks via multiple telematics providers since the OEM first launched the program back in March 2014.

The company added that it’s planning to expand this diagnsotic service into the commercial marine, power generation, rail, transit bus, motor coach, construction, and mining markets.

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