Dashboard displays driver load and payment information

A new dashboard from Aljex Software displays all the relevant information managers need to manager and pay owner-operators. The Driver Pay dashboard is used with Aljex’s Vision software and hosted on the Internet.

The dashboard displays all of a driver’s current loads as well as loads waiting to be paid. Also, the screen shows a driver’s pending pay deductions as well as escrow accounts and balances.

“This totally changes the way to process driver pay,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine. “With Driver Pay Dashboard everything you need to manage and pay drivers is in one place and checks can be cut at a terminal, an agent office, as well as at headquarters.”

The dashboard also displays and links to driver/carrier history, driver/carrier qualification, carrier compliance with supporting documentation, and driver vacation information.

In addition, the dashboard links to the Aljex invoicing system and scans for each pro, so while a driver’s paperwork is processing, the invoice can be viewed and updated and documents for that pro can be scanned.

The software, which automatically populates the screen with the necessary information, assigns a check number and prints a check, can be configured to allow individual offices the ability to manager drivers directly.

Each driver also has their own dashboard displaying payment history, compliance, load history, and escrow accounts.

The dashboard is available with Aljex Vision software and can be set up in a matter of days for the largest 3PLs and in hours for smaller brokers.

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