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Denso and EXA partner

Exa Corporation and Denso Corporation have announced a new collaborative partnership that the companies say will transform the way car makers have traditionally interacted with suppliers.

“The partnership enhances the product development process by moving key engineering and design work from automotive suppliers to a certified simulation-driven process that can be done much earlier in the development process, reducing the number of late-stage vehicle design changes,” the companies said.

Using Exa’s digital simulation platform, Denso and Exa said they will create a validated PowerFLOW simulation database of Denso thermal products that will be offered to authorized automotive and heavy vehicle customers, providing the ability to simulate and integrate Denso’s technology and components early in the development process.

Steve Remondi, president and CEO of Exa, commented: “This expanded ecosystem of validated components and subsystems will greatly change how the global auto industry develops new vehicles – by enabling OEMs and suppliers to collaborate in the earliest stage of design. The insight enabled will significantly reduce the billions of dollars spent annually testing and retro-fixing late-stage design problems. Ultimately, automakers will move into production with greater confidence that their supplier subsystems will perform as expected, achieving cost, time and quality targets.”

Hirotsugu Takeuchi, executive director of Denso, added: “After more than 15-years of working closely with Exa for the design and development of our own products, we see an enormous potential in this collaborative partnership with Exa to dramatically impact our joint OEM customers. By reducing the amount of time and effort required to fix late-stage design problems, we’re helping carmakers bring better vehicles to market, more efficiently.”

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