Dispatch feature added to WebFleet

A new dispatch feature based on shortest travel time has been added to TomTom WebFleet.

WebFleet, an online fleet management application, offers planning and dispatching of mobile workers, allowing businesses to reach customers quicker by identifying the worker closest to the work location.

“This is an exciting development that gives companies a time-accurate planning option to help improve response times and standards of service,” said Michael Geffroy, vice president of TomTom Business Solutions, North America. “With our travel time based planning, customers can be reached quicker than with traditional dispatching based on shortest distance. Businesses can inform customers of ETAs at the touch of a button, rather than keeping them waiting or being left in the dark over when to expect the arrival of a service engineer, sales representative or delivery.”

WebFleet also provides arrival times by accounting for actual and expected traffic information. It provides customers with a complete overview of their vehicles’ estimated arrival times. This allows the customer to pick the correct vehicle for the job, TomTom said.

Travel time based dispatching has been made available to all customers of TomTom Business Solutions as part of their WebFleet subscription.

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