Drivers, fuel taxes tracked across operating authorities

Drivers, fuel taxes tracked across operating authorities

A software upgrade for Rand McNally in-cab devices allows fleets to track driver hours of service and vehicle fuel tax liabilities across multiple operating authorities or divisions.  The upgrade is available now for the company’s  TND 760, HD 100 and TPC 7600 units.

The new feature tracks hours-of-service for the week, monitoring available hours and assigning data for fuel tax, invoicing and other accounting categories to the appropriate division within an organization. Reports can also be created by fleet managers by driver, vehicle, division and operating authority.

Intended initially for moving and storage businesses that commonly have multiple carriers and authorities, the new feature “will improve reporting accuracy and efficiency for any company tracking multiple operational authorities, from companies during an acquisition period, to brokers, to those with complex operations and multiple divisions,” said Mark Spicer, VP of Sales for Rand McNally’s Commercial Transportation business.

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