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Drivewyze and Platform Science join forces

The Platform Science-Drivewyze partnership will allow truckers to bypass weigh stations, saving time and maximizing driver pay.

Platform Science, a fleet management solution provider, has partnered with Drivewyze to connect its open platform with the weigh station bypass service.

Platform Science’s integrated solutions enable customers and developers to access transportation data in context and in real-time. The company said its open platform is designed to equip customers with the flexibility and control to integrate third-party applications, such as Drivewyze’ weigh station bypass service.

“We are thrilled to offer Drivewyze to our customers,” said Jack Kennedy, founder and CEO of Platform Science. “Our company’s goal is to unlock ever increasing value to fleets by allowing solution providers like Drivewyze to easily reach fleets on our platform. Integrating Drivewyze into our driver experience is a perfect example of the increased value customers can unlock through our platform. Platform Science’s ability to deliver applications and share data between them is a force multiplier for customers and drivers, providing information in the proper context at the right time easing the burden on drivers.”

Drivewyze provides automated bypasses to participating trucks approaching highway weigh stations, allowing drivers to remain in motion rather than waiting at roadside scales. The company’s hands-free technology directly notifies drivers of inspection sites. According to the company, the technology improves road safety for everyone by keeping driver’s hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, reducing lane changes and eliminating the need to merge back into busy freeways from a weigh station.

“Like Drivewyze, Platform Science is an innovator and has put together a platform that can utilize best-in-class apps to help its customers become more productive,” said Brian Heath, Drivewyze CEO and president. “We’re growing rapidly thanks to our technology. We expect the same will hold true for Platform Science. We’re excited to be a part of their future while helping fleets and drivers become more productive on the road.”

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