EBE enhances Learning Management System

EBE Technologies announced at the TMW PeopleNet In.Sight User Conference that it has enhanced its Learning Management System (LMS).

EBE’s LMS monitors the dispatching system for shipper codes, commodity codes and stop codes, the company explained. Based on the combination of such codes, a determination is made if “special instruction” are associated with the move.

“This dispatch driven training allows a carrier to increase driver retention, reduce cargo claims and allow them to maintain a competitive advantage,” EBE said. “By educating a driver as to what training is required of them when arriving or departing from a specific distribution center or shipper location, efficiencies are improved and the driver’s experience is more positive.”

“Carriers make significant investments in helping drivers navigate to stops efficiently, but once they arrive, there has not been a solution to help them navigate the specifics of the location or the freight for which they will be responsible. Dispatch driven training now provides that service. The application is integrated into EBE’s driver performance module so that drivers that utilize the shipper specific lessons can be rewarded for their efforts to improve the carrier shipper relations. The module will most definitely be a retention solutions for carriers as well,” said Larry Kerr, president of EBE.

Integrated to EBE’s Connect Mobile Capture, drivers can also take photos of secured cargo for review in an auditing workflow, the company added. Those photos can then be made available through a customer web portal so that the shipper can review load securement standards.

“Training is one of the most important, yet overlooked, tools that a company has to improve retention and performance. The key is developing a program that is timely, meaningful and has impact on the learner’s performance. That is what sets dispatch driven training apart. Being able to reach the learner quickly when an event occurs and reinforce the correct behavior is crucial. This is the next generation in driver training,” states Steve Sichterman, vice president of ConversionU.

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