EBE Technologies, TrueNorth combine to offer paperless insurance workflow

EBE Technologies has partnered with TrueNorth Companies to offer a new paperless workflow-based insurance enrollment solution.

OverDrive was designed to synchronize data in real time between the motor carrier, independent contractor owner-operators, TrueNorth, and the issuing insurance companies, EBE said. The company said OverDrive can be used as a standalone solution or as a module within EBE’s recruiting and on-boarding solution. When integrated with EBE, the entire driver experience from initial contact, recruiting, creating the driver packet, ICOA and insurance enrollment are all paperless.

“TrueNorth’s vision of the relationship and services required by an insurance provider for their motor carrier clients is right on the mark,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE. “I think the traditional relationship with an insurance provider is transforming to one where the provider offers solutions to lower costs, improve retention and help mitigate risk. As an example, I was amazed to learn from TrueNorth how much uncollected premiums some motor carriers write off because of a lag time of driver termination data being conveyed to insurance providers, and unsophisticated brokers and systems that are unable to identify, let alone solve for this problem. TrueNorth and OverDrive set the standard for such efficiencies,” adds Kerr.

“Over the past 25-plus years, our team has created a very unique practice within our Transportation Division of providing risk management solutions to ‘asset-light’ transportation providers,” said Trent Tillman, practice leader of TrueNorth’s Asset-Light Risk Solutions Team. “We understand that IC insurance program administration - if done appropriately, with a system and process - can not only bring instant efficiency to a motor carrier, but also maximize that business’s risk management structure.”

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