eBook on controlling fleet costs through telematics now available

Verizon Networkfleet is offering an eBook detailing how telematics can help fleets improve manage of their costs. The free book, How to Use Telematics to Control Fleet Costs eBook, is now available for download.

According to Networkfleet, depending on goals, every company will achieve different types and amounts of cost savings with a wireless fleet management system. However, there are five primary areas where most fleets see savings. They are:

  • Fuel Usage: Reduce idle time and speeding, prevent unauthorized use, improve routing efficiency, and more.
  • Labor: Reduce the amount of time spent behind the wheel and boost vehicle and driver productivity.
  • Maintenance: Eliminate paperwork, set proactive maintenance reminders, and fix engine problems before they become costly issues.
  • Tire Replacement: Reduce total miles driven for less wear and tear on tires and other vehicle parts.
  • Insurance: Demonstrate how you are improving fleet safety to get insurance discounts.
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