Electronic Funds Source announces integration with LoadMaster

Electronic Funds Source (EFS) has announced an upgraded interactive interface with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise dispatch software.

EFS is a provider of customized corporate payment solutions.

The new interface allows EFS customers who use LoadMaster to seamlessly manage and better control their fleets using LoadMaster’s screens and system. Carriers have instant visibility and control over their cardholders and their purchases through a centralized interface making training and implementation extremely simple for EFS customers, the company said.

The EFS interface includes interactive card management providing greater efficiency, security and oversight. Furthermore, carriers can advance funds to the driver’s EFS SmartFunds card using McLeod’s software system.

Additional key features include the ability to auto-block a specific card if the driver is not under dispatch, and the ability to clone a card making the process to issue replacement cards instant, automated and secure which complements EFS’ comprehensive reporting and reconciliation packages.

“We’re excited to be bringing this enhanced technology and greater efficiencies to our

McLeod Software customers,” said Scott R. Phillips, president and CEO of Electronic Funds Source. “Our mutual customers can now use their own screens to process and manage EFS payment transactions and cardholder updates making this interface another one of the exciting new technologies we’re launching that focuses on making our customers’ lives easier and more efficient.”

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